Velbon Sherpa Pro Pod 1 Monopod for Sale

Velbon Sherpa Pro Pod 1I’m selling my monopod. It’s a carbon fiber Velbon Sherpa Pro Pod 1. Asking price is at P4,500, negotiable.

Bought this in Qatar in 2007. I don’t use it too often that’s why I decided to dispose of it.

A monopod adds stability to your camera to avoid camera shake. It’s not as stable as a tripod but definitely more convenient to carry around. It’s mostly used by photographers who have long lenses, as they add support to the lens as well.

Media college summarizes the advantages as follows:

  • Lighter and easier to carry than tripods.
  • Can be set up much faster than a tripod.
  • Can be set up in places which are difficult or impossible for a tripod (e.g. rough terrain or in the middle of a crowd).
  • Gives you some added flexibility for different types of camera movement.

This monopod is light and is definitely suited for professional photographers. Available for sale only to residents of the Philippines, preferably around the Metro Manila area (I’m in Makati). If anyone is interested, kindly leave a comment below.


  1. is it still available? what’s your last price?

  2. Gerard Linsangan

    March 22, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    Hello! Would you sell at P2,000? Brand new Benro monopod is only P2,000. Thanks! Gerry 01975260116

  3. Hi deuts,

    Is the monopod still for sale? Appreciate it if you can reply at the email address mentioned so we can exchange numbers and meet. I’m from QC, but work in Makati. No problem with the Makati meetup. Any other items for sale? I’m really interested in a carbon fiber tripod, but if a monopod suits my purposes, i’ll take it. A bnew tripod is too over my budget.


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