Detect Invisible Users on YM

I’ve known a person or two who always log in into Yahoo! Messenger in an invisible mode. I don’t trust those type of persons (hehe, peace! whoever you are). XEEBER is an online application that can detect invisible users on Yahoo! Messenger. Now you can’t hide from me anymore! 🙂


  1. this is nifty. i’m guilty of being invisible in YM almost always! now, i can’t hide anymore. haha!

  2. Why would you hide in the first place? Only people who are either living in debt or have run away from someone they fooled into believing hide… hehe

  3. A cool tool. Deuts is right, but why bother on people who are always invisible. Who cares if you’re not online hohoho.

  4. That’s right. Why bother? Just like Lou Franz, even though he changed his name to FieldCraft his avatar is still the same. grwahahahahaha

  5. I use the it really works great and you can download somebody else avatar too

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