World’s Youngest GM

Wesley So of the Philippines is currently the world’s youngest GM at the age of 14. He’s seventh youngest player to achieve the grandmaster status in chess.


Mike December 22, 2007 Reply

Hearing news like this made me proud of being pinoy. i know we filipinos have great talents and all we need is focus determination. i am also an avid chess fan – and hope other IMs like mascarinas & barcenilla would get their GM title they are chasing since the 90s. I hope in the next chess olympiad we will land on the top 10 with Torre, antonio, paragua, so, laylo, gonzales

deuts December 22, 2007 Reply

Didn’t know that you were a chess enthusiast. so it’s not only the NBA Live that we have in common huh! hehe

Mike December 23, 2007 Reply

yes i am, in fact master Val can’t win against me when we were playing online in during our early manabat days. I lose interest in chess when nobody in the office can beat me. Perhaps if you were already there during those days i’m into a good matchup (don’t know though if your that good)….hehehe.

deuts December 24, 2007 Reply

Aba, aba, aba! Sabi ni Val wala ka naman daw! bwehheheh

Mike December 24, 2007 Reply


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