Wedding Photography: Take One

I attended a friend’s wedding the other night. The wedding started at 4pm and extended until the evening in Fernwood Gardens in Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City.

Tristan Wedding

This photographic opportunity proved the fact that I was yet indeed an amateur when it comes to photography, especially wedding photography. I guess it was a hard lesson learned for me as I forgot to bump up the ISO to well at least 800 as darkness crept into that night. The ISO settings in my camera was pegged at 100 until I realized my grave mistake, and with a telephoto lens of 85mm, I came up with lots of blurry images due to camera shake. At the end of the day, at least I learned one.

Tristan Wedding

The official photographer was Ariel Javelosa. I truly admire the works of real professional photographers.

Tristan Wedding

Tristan Wedding

To Tristan and Shiela, congratulations and best wishes.

26 thoughts on “Wedding Photography: Take One”

  1. Yes sir! As I said, it was a hard leason learned!:) Dapat kc sinamahan mo ako, wala ako kasama dun eh, malungkot akong kumakain mag-isa….hehehehe

  2. pards, shukran sa pagpunta sa wedding nmen ah, kahit na alam ko na malayo ung place sa haws mo eh still nagpunta ka pa din, its very much appreciated pards! shukran din sa mga magaganda mong shots ah at pki send nman sken lhat mga shots mo kung oks lng hehehe…

  3. O? u’r home na pala! hehe

    asan na mga pictures ko?

    cge pag nagka time ako send ko sau. or better yet, upload ko n lng lahat sa flickr, then download mo n lng dun isa isa.

  4. yup nung 6th of jan. pa kme nakabalik. cge pards kung ano eh check kna lng sa flickr mo ung mga pix nten pero mas maganda kung isend mo na lng sken pra mas maganda bwahahaha…

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