Making a Living

I’m amused by the memory of my younger brother actually literally taking what our parents were trying to teach us back when we were younger. “Mangita kwarta“, which literally translates to “to search for money”, actually means “to make a living”. He really thought that one makes a living by literally searching and finding money out in the streets, or maybe from your neighbors’ house (LOL), I don’t know. He thought that you can find money just like finding cigarette packs/covers we used to play with and use as gambling money (well, at least, gambling not to the extent of using gambling cards, etc., we were kids remember hehe). It was totally out of an ignorant mind of an innocent child.

Memories like this flashback to me when I read articles like this one, Dear Younger Ones. I couldn’t agree to her more. I have been into such situation before. As I even recounted in my comment to the post of Marky (Mid Life Crisis of a Mid Twenties):

I remember when I was yet in high school or maybe early college. I was seeing myself that at the age of 25 to already have a stable job, owns a comfortable house, a car, maybe even happily married. But now, I�m already 27, and, do I still need to elaborate?

And so, yes, to the younger ones, don’t ever think that the best of life comes right after school. You should believe it when your parents tell you that it cost them blood and perspiration (dugo at pawis, hehe) in order to deliver food at your table. It’s true, believe me, I tell you, from the bottom of my heart!

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