Wireless Internet At Last

At long last, we now have our wireless internet connection. After 6 months and 7 days stay here in Qatar, we have our wireless internet from Qtel up and running. That is, after waiting for 1 month till we found a place to live in, another month for our residence permit to be issued (residence permit is the primary requirement to transact with Qtel), 3 months till we get our landline installed (also by Qtel), one more month till we have our internet connection installed, and 3 days till we get our wireless router into running.

Creative BroadbandWhew! It’s a Creative Broadband Blaster Wireless ADSL 8426.

And now we can connect ten of our notebooks in the house: 5 Dell Latitude, 4 Acer Aspire, and 1 HP Pavilion, and enjoy unlimited wireless internet browsing (well, actually, unlimited up to the extent of what Qtel permits, no bloody x-rated and violence-related websites, of course!)

Thanks to Sandro for the help! It was very generous of you!

3 thoughts on “Wireless Internet At Last”

  1. Ain’t it nice to have wireless at home? Especially if you have a laptop or any mobile device. So what’s the current average speed of your wireless internet connection?

  2. Yeah, especially if you have 10 laptops at home! hehe. It must be too crowded if you use cable instead.

    Anyway, here’s the download and upload rates as of this very moment.

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