The First Day in Doha


We arrived at the Doha International Airport at 11:20 (Doha time) in the morning of August 31, 2006. The temperature was particularly hot, at around 40 degrees centigrade.

We are yet to report to the Ernst & Young Office on Monday, September 4, 2006. There are two things certain, though:

  • That I’m now formally an OFW; and
  • That I now officially transfer from Deloitte to Ernst & Young

deloitte ey

More pictures..

Yet, more pictures here!

5 thoughts on “The First Day in Doha”

  1. WEOOOOW.. Ang Gara Tsong! Kasama mo si mark at si ???… heheh saya nyan bro. Wla bang Pics ng mga gerls dyan? Bwahaha… skimpy attire and all…or kau kau na lang skimpy attire atbp.? heheheh

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