Love of Condor Domeng

Wala lang.

Domeng just can’t sleep staring at her picture. Click on the image to enlarge.

Crystal Liu


  1. Did you watch the Love of the Condor Heroes? if you want i have an available DVD you can borrow. Rent per day $1 joke that is free but take care please.

  2. 19 years old pa lang yan! Maawa ka naman! 1st year high school ka na kakapanganak pa lng nya! bwahahahahaa:)

  3. Palagay ko walang problema dyan. Sabi pa nga nila eh what is the difference between wine and a woman? The answer is, “they are tastier for little aging” hahahaaaaa.

  4. Ok yong watch nya ano? ganda ng bracelet… bagay sa cute nyang braso, hhmmmm…

  5. That’s what I like about Domeng he knows the essence of being a man

  6. What’s that, a question in Miss Universe? errr, Mister Universe? 🙂

  7. I want to correct my previous comment, “what is the difference between wine and a woman” it should be “Why are women like wine”. The answer is, because they are tastier for a little aging. hehehe

  8. Doms, hindi ba to sya ung sa “The Forbidden Kingdom”?

  9. Hi Jo,

    Its been a long long while hehehe Yap si Crystal Liu yan ung star sa Love of the Condor Domeng hehe Heroes pala…bumili nga ako DVD nya kaso malabo nabili hanap ako malinaw…Ung Forbidden Kingdom muntik ng maging forbidden love hehe joke lang

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