Old Business is Back!

Old BusinessThe old business is back.

All kinds of loads (Smart Eload, Globe Autoload, and Sun Xpressload) as well as prepaid cards are available here. But wait, you have to pay first before I’ll send out any load. No credit line, I’m sorry. All major and minor credit cards cannot be accepted.

That’s business, you know. You need to have a working capital or revolving fund to hold out your business against the harsh economy.


  1. dapat all kind of cards business mo…. phone card, game card, score card, placard hehehe.. ok yan pre qualified yan as sme (small-medium-enterprise ba..)…

  2. Oo nga. Kelangan ko ng auditor. Gusto mo? hehehehe

  3. Magalit sayo si Sheila Cua. Hehehe…

  4. Bakit ano si sheila?

  5. Sheila is also in the business of selling prepaid cards. Do you sell prepaid cards online?

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