Choices of Feed Aggregator and Readers

In the past couple of months, I have tried almost all types of feeds aggregator and readers available out there. That list includes: attensa, bloglines, feedlounge, google reader, gritwire, news alloy, newsgator online, pluck web edition, rojo,, google ig, and netvibes. These are online websites directly accessible in the internet. I’ve also tried the trial versions of separate desktop applications like the feeddemon and newsgator inbox.

So far, of all the online feed reader sites, I liked most netvibes because of the interface and ease of use. You can easily access your subscribed sites without so many hassles. You can hover over your favorite sites instantly. The drawback, however, is the speed. It tends to download the feeds very slow, especially if you have too many subscriptions. In addition to this, it will freeze (almost) the download of another site you are visiting (i.e., while you’re opening another site in another window or browser), while the download process in netvibes is not yet complete. This really made me sick.

I opted to try the free trial of feeddemon. So far, it was doing good. However, I am right now nearing the end of my trial period. And I think, what I will pay to purchase the software is not worth it.

That’s why I tried searching for email subscriptions only. I stumbled upon this feedblitz. Unlike feedburner, which allows you to propagate your site only, feedblitz allows you to subscribe to your other favorite web 2.0 sites via email. Plus, I’ve discovered lately that if you have too many subscriptions, feedblitz will email you only once summarizing what are new in your subscribed sites, i.e., without overloading your inbox. Now, ain’t that cool.

Therefore, for now, I’ll stick to feedblitz to keep myself updated with my favorite sites.

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