The Problem with Netopia

Netopia claims itself to be the largest and fastest growing internet cafe chain in the Philippines. It has 180 branches and more than 8,000 pc’s to service its customers.

Personally, I like renting computers in netopia, because of its high-speed internet connection. I mean, it’s not really that very high speed, but at least I can’t have any complaint with such a speed.

However, I am a person who likes to play around a computer very quickly. That is, I often use shortcuts instead of browsing through the menu options. I also have a great deal with using the right click button of my mouse.

In Netopia, some of these options are disabled. I don’t know maybe for security purposes. But the shortcuts or quickkeys that I often use, which are not applicable when you’re renting in Netopia (that’s why I find it inconvenient), are:

  1. Alt+Tab – toggle to the last window viewed.
  2. right-click to the taskbar – so I can easily and quickly close/maximize/minimize/restore windows
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Del – to access the task manager (to check for the status of any application whether it’s still responding or not, or maybe to immediately close the program that is not responding.)

1 thought on “The Problem with Netopia”

  1. netopia’s speed is already equaled by those other cafes especially those using MYDSL connection. so it’s better to use the services of the other cafe than this.

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