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Sun Cellular’s ‘Surf Net Mega’ is for heavy users?

Here’s one of Sun Cellular’s broadband offers:

Sun Cellular, are you sure this is for heavy users?

Sun Cellular, are you sure this is for heavy users? Click on image to enlarge.

Seriously, what were you thinking Sun Cellular? Or, perhaps, more appropriately — what were you smoking? Do you even think these plans are for heavy users? Will the┬ámaximum of 1,250 MB be good for 30 days to heavy users?

Perhaps, you have a different definition for ‘heavy users’.

But now I question your understanding of your business.

Sun Cellular Mobile Internet Rates

What I really liked about Sun Cellular (Sun) is that it really offers competitive rates not just call and text (SMS) but also mobile internet.

Take a look at their prepaid mobile internet pricing scheme called SBW Loads below:

SBW Loads

Contrary to popular notion, Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW) loads are not just for the SBW dongle; they can be used by regular Sun Prepaid subscribers to surf on their phone.

SBW Load Price Inclusions Validity
1. SBW25 P25 3 hours 1 day
2. SBW50 P50 1 day unlimited 1 day
3. SBW100 P100 3 days unlimited 3 days
4. SBW300 P300 48 hours 10 days

Rates sourced from their website.

The big question, however, is if you are considering the options SBW100 and SBW300, it’s a no-brainer that you should go for SBW100, right? What could be the logic that you would pick otherwise?

Again, another example of corporate ignorance.