Toodledo for Windows Desktop

I’m thinking about shifting from RememberTheMilk (RTM) to Toodledo. That’s because I’m trying to lean towards using a GTD solution to my everyday tasks, may they be personal or business.

I find Toodledo to be close to perfect, if not perfect, for GTD. If RTM only has tags to categorize your tasks, Toodledo has tags, context and projects/folders. Of course both have priorities.

But I’m starting to like Toodledo more because of its great iPad app and its integration with Nuevasync (to synchronize my tasks with my Windows Mobile phone).

Unfortunately, Toodledo has no native Desktop PC application. I’m not a programmer, much less a software developer, but now I’m wondering, if the developers could afford a great iPad app, why not develop one for Windows PC? If it’s Flash-based or will be running on Adobe Air, I wouldn’t mind. The most important thing here is it can be accessed offline and seamless synchronization with the web service once you get online.

I know there’s Task Angel, but that you have to pay quite a hefty amount in order to use it. And it’s not native. It was not built to integrate with Toodledo alone. And it lacks Notebook support too. I’m really talking about an iPad-like application.

Hope the developers consider my request in the future.

Desktop Application for Remember the Milk

I once posted about the web application, Remember the Milk (RTM), which enables users to organize their tasks better.

I have to admit, I used the application but oftentimes than not, I hit the “Postpone” button.

Anyway, I have been searching and always on the watch out for any desktop application for RTM that would make access and edit of my tasks more speedy and convenient. There are various RTM services that can integrate into various applications and services, such as but not limited to, Gmail, Google Calendar, IM’s, Blackberry, Mobile access, iGoogle, Twitter, etc. There have also been hacks for a desktop application, some using Adobe Air, but most of the time they have compatability issues with XP or Vista and other operating systems, or simply limited in functionality (i.e., the functions you can actually utilize while in actual RTM homepage, just like adding due dates, list, tags, url, etc.). Some applications are just being so slow.

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