Foursquare, Inaccurate Pins, and Facebook Places

Foursquare on your phone gives you & your friends new ways of exploring your city. Earn points & unlock badges for discovering new things.

You can’t use your computer and its internet browser to check in to places using the Foursquare service. You may only check in using your phone with GPS enabled.

Loved the app in my iPhone. The problem is the inaccurate pins. These usually happen when other people have previously checked in into the establishment with inaccurate GPS location to start with. To add insult upon injury, there’s no clear way to correct these inaccuracies either through your phone or the desktop browser. Yes, I’ve checked out the support pages.

Facebook Places, posing as Foursquare alternative, is not yet available for iPhone users in the Philippines, although I’ve read somewhere that it’s already available for Blackberry users (in the Philippines). Once Facebook Places is out, Foursquare could simply die down, I think.

Bullet Points: Facebook, Friendster, Tumblr, Prime Lenses

Tumblr Search

Good news for Tumblr users. Now we don’t have to wait anymore for Google to index our pages in tumblr in order for Google Custom Search to actually display search results from our tumblr archives. Tumblr now has a built-in search.

Wait, now how am I gonna implement this in my tumblelog?

The Power of Prime Lenses

Oftentimes, beginners dismiss prime lenses as inconvenient. And they overlook the positive side of it:

  • They are usually cheaper as compared to equivalent zooms, as they are less complicated to design and manufacture.
  • They usually produce better pictures. No rotating elements as for zooms, so usually no setbacks for the convenience of zooms. I don’t really have no pictures as evidence to back that argument. Just better ask the experts. But, really, based on experience, one usually makes the most our of his/her DSLR while using prime lenses.
  • It helps you become more creative with your composition, as you zoom by your feet.

Not convinced yet? Read more from here.

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