Bullet Points: Facebook, Friendster, Tumblr, Prime Lenses

Tumblr Search

Good news for Tumblr users. Now we don’t have to wait anymore for Google to index our pages in tumblr in order for Google Custom Search to actually display search results from our tumblr archives. Tumblr now has a built-in search.

Wait, now how am I gonna implement this in my tumblelog?

The Power of Prime Lenses

Oftentimes, beginners dismiss prime lenses as inconvenient. And they overlook the positive side of it:

  • They are usually cheaper as compared to equivalent zooms, as they are less complicated to design and manufacture.
  • They usually produce better pictures. No rotating elements as for zooms, so usually no setbacks for the convenience of zooms. I don’t really have no pictures as evidence to back that argument. Just better ask the experts. But, really, based on experience, one usually makes the most our of his/her DSLR while using prime lenses.
  • It helps you become more creative with your composition, as you zoom by your feet.

Not convinced yet? Read more from here.

Facebook vs. Friendster

I have always been invited by friends to join Facebook in the past. I ignored them at once as being just another social networking site. “Not another friendster“, I used to say.

However, last week, I gave in to the insistence of Atty. Bodeck that Facebook is much better than Friendster, and that I should really try it. I would like to assume he didn’t get any referral fee for that.

The Verdict

Facebook’s wide range of applications are cool. Wait, they’re awesome! From feed aggregators, to photos, to stocks, and games, etc.

Yeah, Friendster has applications too, but they are mostly crap. I never get to use that feature.

In Facebook, I tend to shy away from employing too many applications as I don’t want to clutter my profile page with too many of them too much. But I found many that are good, and hobbyists of certain activities will surely enjoy applications made especially for them.

Of course, the usual contention of Friendster users is that almost all their friends are already in Friendster. Yet, by joining Facebook, you don’t actually leave Friendster altogether. It’s not like getting your ass to the other side of the fence, so whether you’re a Kapamilya or a Kapuso, it doesn’t really matter.

I think Facebook is the next best thing to an official website/blog, just like Deuts.NET, in the internet.


punkypaige August 29, 2008 Reply

I can say that friendster is good but i really do not have time to visit it daily. Facebook for me is hard to use, i really need little help about it. Nice to read your Blog.

deuts August 29, 2008 Reply

@punkypaige – Thanks for visiting. You should also try facebook. You can actually aggregate your blog posts in your facebook profile page.

Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net September 3, 2008 Reply

Nice and neat blog.. Love it.. 🙂

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