A Professional

Here’s a story I read somewhere I forgot where reflecting at how a professional is separated from a common worker.

A printing company calls in an engineer because their press is printing out of register. The engineer duly arrives, but instead of looking at the machinery, he looks at the print output.

Mmmm says the engineer. I know just what’s wrong here. He rushes out to his van to fetch a hammer.

Taking the hammer in one hand, the engineer strikes the press hard on the side, and the next piece of paper to emerge is perfect. That’s great says the printer, How much do I owe you?

That will be £500 replies the engineer.

What? asks the printer, You’ve only been here for five minutes!

Yes I know says the engineer. It’s £5 for the hire of the hammer…

… and £495 for knowing where to hit with it.

After Ten Years

Back in high school, I was particularly ignorant on what path should I take. Everybody’s got a plan on what to take up in college, while I still wonder.

When we were given the application forms for the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT), I was browsing through the choices of courses I have. Basically, Diliman was not a choice. It would be too far away from home, and my parents won’t allow that. Therefore, I only have either the Iloilo City Campus or Miag-ao.

Frankly, I want it closer to the city. It would be where life really is. That’s why I’ve narrowed my selection to the Iloilo City Campus, which offered only Management courses. The Iloilo City campus is the home of the UPV College of Management. And the most viable course for me would be B.S. Accountancy.

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