After Ten Years

Back in high school, I was particularly ignorant on what path should I take. Everybody’s got a plan on what to take up in college, while I still wonder.

When we were given the application forms for the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT), I was browsing through the choices of courses I have. Basically, Diliman was not a choice. It would be too far away from home, and my parents won’t allow that. Therefore, I only have either the Iloilo City Campus or Miag-ao.

Frankly, I want it closer to the city. It would be where life really is. That’s why I’ve narrowed my selection to the Iloilo City Campus, which offered only Management courses. The Iloilo City campus is the home of the UPV College of Management. And the most viable course for me would be B.S. Accountancy.

I didn’t have the slightest idea what accountancy (thus, accounting) really is at that time. All I knew was that, well, accounting they say is somehow related to “math”, which I can say is my forte. I just didn’t realize that it’s more than math. It’s actually a field where I can harness my analytical skills and eventually deploy it on my way to the professional world.

That is how I became an accountant. By coincidence, you say. Nah, I think I was born to be this way. Hahahahahahahahaha!


4 thoughts on “After Ten Years”

  1. The big difference then and now is Jorelle’s hair, and of course none could argue his intelligence. Just to recall some of his history achievements, no. 8 in CPA board, first newly grad topnotcher hired by clmc, 3 consecutive years star of the season awardee in technical category, branded clmc chess wizard, and die hard idol of Majo V.

    But the most important thing i can’t forget sometime in October 2004, it was already 5 o’clock of saturday morning, my team (Sacramento Kings) blew up a 50 point advantage over Jorelle’s Los Angles Lakers in one of the exibition games we had in NBA live.

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