What are the freebies that come with your new Globe at Home subscription?

Part of the reason why I chose Globe’s postpaid internet called Globe at Home was because of the freebies they came waiving at my face when I first approached their booth at the mall.

I opted for the Plan 1599, and here are the plan inclusions as described in their website:

Globe at Home freebies list


From my speed tests so far, that 10Mbps speed is achievable. The 500 GB monthly data allowance appeared enough for my usage, I have yet to breach that quota.

For the 6-month free Netflix subscription, I actually received the promo code worth Php2,760 within a week after installation and applied the code to my existing Netflix account. Also got my free Wifi router and landline upon installation.

But (of course, there’s the ‘but’), I haven’t been successful availing of their promised HOOQ and Disney Channel Apps free months. I have been talking to their FB messenger account for weeks, and after juggling me through their different representatives, going through the same problem over and over again, they haven’t gone up with any resolution.

So, there you go, Globe is a liar: there are no HOOQ and Disney Channel Apps free months if you sign up to their Globe at Home product (I can’t speak for their mobile postpaid subscription, though). And I have a very long FB messenger conversation to prove that.

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