Load Protect feature is permanently ON for all Smart Bro accounts

Well, I was just about to write about this: about how Android keeps accessing data even though Mobile Data is off in the settings. I mean, off means “off”, right? Apparently, that’s not the case for Android. For Android systems, OFF means OS Services will still use data and access the internet — charged to your account, unless you go the Airplane mode.

Anyway, just today, I received an SMS from Smart saying that the Load Protect feature of Smart Bro is now permanently turned ON. Furthermore, to surf your favorite apps/sites, you are now required to subscribe to a data package. Thus, this means that the automatic default rate of P5/15mins.of internet has been removed to avoid any unwanted charges.

Smart Bro advisory about the Load Protect feature

Smart Bro advisory about the Load Protect feature

There are good points and bad points about this new development in Smart services. The good: at least I don’t have to worry about my diminishing load credits because when I’m not subscribed to a data package, my data will be completely off. The bad: well, what about if I want to continue surfing using P5/15mins. of internet, is there a way to turn this Load Protect feature off?

Then, the question that badly needs answering: what about the regular call and text sims of Smart (postpaid and prepaid), will there also be a Load Protect feature?

Let me reiterate my stance about the telco’s way of charging for internet use. What I think the best way to charge the consumers for mobile internet is by volume instead of time, and start at a cheap price, say P10 for every 50MB. No need for data packages. That way, no one will be charged exorbitant fees for inadvertent access of mobile data from smartphones.


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