Apps are better designed in iOS than in Android

Before I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7-inch, T819), I totally forgot taking into consideration the fact that apps are usually better designed in iOS than in Android.

Not that I totally screwed up in my decision, of course, there are other important factors that I considered, the topmost being the price.

But to give you an example of how apps are better designed in iOS than in Android, take a look at the screenshots of probably the most go-to app for every smartphone and/or tablet owners, Facebook.

In landscape modes, here’s the Facebook app in my old iPad 2:

Facebook iOS app on my iPad 2 (Landscape mode)

And here’s the Facebook app on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:

Android Facebook app on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Landscape mode)

I’m not so sure if it’s only me or my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, but the right column can’t seem to load on this device in landscape mode. It actually works fine when in portrait mode.

This is not just a matter of functionality, but of design as well.

Note: I’ve tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app, but the issue is the same.

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