The Mobile Gaming Phenomenon that is ‘Pokemon Go’

Ever since Pokemon Go was announced in March and eventually launched in July (initially in select countries), it has taken the world by storm. Social media friends have started posting their virtual Pokemon finds, along with their own punchlines, which in the process captured the curiosity of those who are uninitiated in the Pokemon Go world. Eventually, every one has to try it out! That, regardless of news about armed robbers using this same mobile game to find their victims.


So, what really is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a free mobile game for iOS and Android developed by Niantic. It is a GPS-based augmented reality game that allows players to capture, train and battle virtual Pokemon that appear throughout the real world. Although it is free, it supports in-app purchases for players who are maybe too lazy to go out and catch them outside their comfort zones and instead take some shortcuts.

This video trailer pretty much summarizes the game in less than 2 minutes:

And if you’re still wondering how to play it, this Complete Beginners Guide To Pokemon Go will show you the gameplay:


Niantic started to roll out the game at the start of the second half of 2016 only. It still actually has to roll out to other countries, including the Philippines. Thus far, it has taken over the world. It is meant to top the list of the top-selling mobile games this year. Heck, I even dare say it will overshadow the popularity of Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush of the years past combined.

So, once you’re at it, get out, unleash that kid in you, and catch that Pokemon

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