Smart’s regular internet, is it P10 per 15 minutes now?

I have a Smart (Freedom) postpaid plan. I used it merely for internet via a pocket wifi. Since Unlisurf is now gone (the plan is not eligible for SurfMax), I opted for the regular P5 per block of 15 minutes data instead.

Last week, I used it for less than 45 minutes. Going with Smart’s current rate, my unbilled usage should have only been P13.39 (net of VAT), but instead what reflected in My Smart Dashboard was P22.32 (net of VAT).

Last Monday, I used it for another 26 minutes (less than 30 minutes). My total unbilled usage for 75 minutes should have been P22.32 (net of VAT), and yet lo and behold, My Smart Dashboard indicate I have unbilled usage of P44.60 (net of VAT).


There are three possible explanations to this phenomenon:

  1. The regular rate has gone up to P10 per 15 minutes without prior notice to the customers;
  2. Smart’s system has gone bonkers; or
  3. Smart deliberately did this to defraud customers and ultimately collect more money.

Now, take your pick which is the best reason behind this anomaly.

P.S. No, don’t get me started with Smart Bro’s Flexitime fraud once again.

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