The LG G2 QuickWindow — Great but not quite!


If you’ve been following me on Twitter and on this blog, you’ll notice that I’m an Apple fan. I’ve had so many issues with Android before, especially with the Samsung Galaxy S2, when compared to the iPhone 4.

But the LG G2 is completely a different league from the S2. That’s why when it came out, I grabbed one for myself.

One of the selling points of the LG G2 is the QuickWindow feature when used with the LG’s own QuickWindow case. Android Central defines it as:

This latest iteration serves a couple purposes. First is to protect your phone. The QuickWindow Case is a thin shell that covers most of the G2 — and it does so with minimal thickness. It also protects most of the display, save for the window area. (That’s another change from similar covers — this window is wide open, no plastic between you and the display.) And, finally, it brings a bit of functionality to the display without having to open the cover.

But I have a few gripes about it that I hope LG can improve upon:

1. Notification Display


The QuickWindow is only capable of displaying new text messages and missed calls. Other than that you will not know what you missed that keep the Notification LED light on blinking. I wish all notifications you usually see in the notification/status bar are also available in the QuickWindow display.

2. QuickWindow display options

I just wished LG has put more setting options upon the QuickWindow function, not just to toggle it on or off. I just want one display option (the one at the photo in number 1 above), I don’t like the rest, and I don’t like swiping through all of the display options, which leads me to number 3 below.

3. Quick Music in the QuickWindow


This is the display option I hate the most. I just want to hide it if possible — but that’s not in the settings, right? When I close the QuickWindow case, the screen automatically goes to sleep and the QuickWindow appears. This makes pressing the lock button unnecessary anymore. But when I slip it into my pocket, the display option almost always swipes through to the Quick Music display and starts playing music — in my pocket.

These are the issues that will probably make me deactivate/turn off the QuickWindow function altogether. It was a great feature, but not quite!

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