Justin Bieber and a Dozen Arabs

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

I’m still dejected following the nation’s pride, Manny Pacquiao’s devastating sixth round KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth match up. Not a few people have urged him to hang up his gloves especially after absorbing that vicious punch which rendered him unconscious for a time.

My take on these calls for retirement initially was that:

If I am Pacquiao, there’s no way on earth that I will allow that my last image as a fighter and only eight division world champion be one that is face down on the canvas. What I will do is rid myself of all distractions, train as if I haven’t won anything and as if I’m broke. Fight ferociously driven by that KO image in my mind. Convincingly beat Bradley, Marquez and Mayweather in that particular order – then call it a career.

But after some thought, I had to reconsider. It’s pretty dangerous to step into the ring if there’s really no way for Pacquiao to fight with a focused mind, a burning heart (think Survivor – Rocky OST), and a killer’s instinct. These are imperatives for a fighter, and he can’t be a part time boxer and expect to get away with it.

So, if he can’t muster that sense of urgency anymore because of his stature and mindset, he better heed what referees remind fighters of at the start of the match – protect yourself at all times – and just keep off the ring.

For me, Pacquiao will always remain a legend. And as a Filipino, he’ll forever be the nation’s pride – especially with the way he conducted himself after that embarrassment. I want him to redeem himself and restructure that legacy. But he has to re-learn to be extremely cautious and not let his guard down because the next punch he may overconfidently overlook might be crippling, if not fatal (think Z Gorres).

On his change of religion:

On one hand, would God really meddle in something as “foolish” as a boxing match to teach a lesson? On the other hand, God truly works in mysterious ways – and personally, I am not one who’d ditch the rosary and the saints.

On Justin Bieber:

I want this character to get savagely molested by a dozen Arabs in prison for more than 5 years. Seriously, let’s just treat his Pacquiao KO posts the way he himself should really be treated – a joke.

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