Mailbird is Sparrow for Windows

Sparrow is a sleek Email desktop client for Mac. I’ve raved about how awesome it was and how it made a Mac a Mac. That, of course, is besides the fact that Google recently acquired the Sparrow team, which puts the project’s future in question.

I was one of those who wished Sparrow Mail was available in PC as well. Fortunately, Mailbird is here to come.

Currently, it’s not yet available for download and/or testing, but the concept looks promising. It”s going to have the same clean and sleek interface, the things we used to love in Sparrow. On top of that, there will be, according to their website, an open source app community to let app developers develop their own cool apps and/or improve on existing apps.

Personally, I can’t wait for the release of this email client as I use Windows everyday in the office.


  1. Good news for Windows users. I moved from Windows to Mac a couple of months ago and am absolutely in love with Sparrow.

    • Hi Tom, the recent reviews of Sparrow in the Mac App Store indicate that it has been a let down especially after the team’s acquisition by Google. Many are complaining about the app using a lot of the computer’s resources, but I don’t know, I haven’t experience such problems so far. What about you?

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