Lytro Camera

A Lytro camera uses Light Field Photography (also known as plenoptic photography) which captures all the available light in a scene going in every direction. It works by breaking up the main image with a microlens over an image sensor. (Source: Wikipedia)

Engadget had hands-on experience with this Lytro camera. Check that out for more photos and videos.

Features of a plenoptic camera include:

  • Refocusing: Users are able to refocus images after they are taken.
  • Speed: Because there is no need to focus the lens before taking a picture, a plenoptic camera can capture images more quickly than conventional point-and-shoot digital cameras.
  • Low-light sensitivity: the ability to adjust focus in post-processing allows the use of larger apertures than are feasible on conventional cameras, thus enabling photography in low-light environments without a flash.
  • 3D images: since a plenoptic camera records depth information (which allows it to focus at variable depths), stereo images can be constructed in software from a single plenoptic image capture.

Brian Tong of CNET checks out Lytro’s new revolutionary digital camera, which has an infinite focus and a unique design:

Now, besides this camera being cute and capable of being discreet while using in public, the Light Field Photography is a new technology to try out. Thus, this is another must-have — another gadget to buy once this officially comes out!


  1. rommel p. bernardo

    November 28, 2011 at 5:57 pm


    perhaps you meant “lytro”, not “lyptro”. =)

    • Hahaha. This post has been like 1 month old and I haven’t noticed this error until you pointed it out. I’ve made the necessary changes. Thanks!

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