Tweetbot — The Quality You Pay For

Tweetbot, according to the developers, is an iPhone Twitter client with a lot of personality. And personality, indeed, it is full of. From its first release, the Tweetbot app significantly defines what a quality app is — what is value for money in the mobile app world.

I don’t want to delve into much details on what this app can do or how can it be so different from the other Twitter iPhone clients. Instead, just watch the introductory video below:

I have to remind you, though, the features presented in this introductory video are not inclusive, as it was obviously made when the app first came out. From then on, more improvements have been introduced.

I am the type of person who’s willing to pay for a software that’s value for money. Sometimes, I even pay for apps that I only test once, and never use again — a waste of money you say, but sometimes you need to burn some cash in order to discover value apps that’ll put up your smartphone to its full potential.

And Tweetbot is such one app that I happily shelled out US$1.99 for. For paid apps like Tweetbot, I don’t consider myself paying for the software as it is, but for the quality works that were and yet to be done to make the app the best experience in its category.

Just look at the improvements that were introduced in Tweetbot eversince. For me, the first release is already worth the $1.99 I initially paid. And then they brought more experience enhancements like native push notifications and lately, with the release of version 1.4.3 the improvements that I find most welcome are:

  • Option to receive push mentions only from people you follow; and
  • Blocking/Reporting for spam now deletes associated tweets from the timeline

With these changes, now I don’t have to worry about spam tweets and twitter accounts bugging me, and I can act on them as well accordingly.

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  1. “…Sometimes, I even pay for apps that I only test once, and never use again — a waste of money you say…”

    Yes. But the following are NOT waste of money: Ice cold beer, tuna sashimi, cheese sticks at Adelantado’s.

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