Best Buddies Share the Best Tea

As the year comes to a close, just before the darkness captures the year behind, two buddies — two little kids that is — share a bottle of wine tea to celebrate the dawn of the new year.

Cheers for the new year

The future is bright for these young kids.

Let's Drink to That

Aching to get a taste of that Real Leaf Green Tea!

Welcome Year 2010! Let’s celebrate with a bottle of Real Leaf Green Tea.

P.S. This may be a little late for a New Year post, but what the heck, Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Cheers for a real holiday treat!

  2. That’s the real buddies! Walang iwanan… One on One sa tagayan…

  3. Kampay kumpadre for a better life!!!!

  4. Mon

    January 14, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    New year, new leaf – Real Leaf Green Tea.

  5. Toast for the best buddy of the year…… toast for the new leaf, este life!!!

  6. WOW!! Real Green Leaf Tea!!!! magandang inumin yan!!! makabili nga!!

  7. cheers! its good for my tatay.. then stop yosi na!


  9. katakam-takam. . .

  10. FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  11. wahaha! kaya pala i look and feel young, i drink the same =)

  12. i think this is good for diabetic people (any comment Gary V…hehe), just drink moderately.

  13. i like the last picture, nalasing sa real leaf 🙂

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