They Used My Photo Without My Permission

I never thought I would fall victim to these widespread photo grabbing activities by big media publications without permission and not even a credit.

Here’s what I discovered today from Inquirer Sports’ “RP chess great in BBC-HBO documentary“. They posted a photo that I took of Asia’s first Grandmaster Eugene Torre during the Battle of GM’s in May 2008.

Here’s the screenshot of the webpage taken some minutes ago (click on the image to enlarge):

Inquirer Sports Took My Photo without Permission

The same photo I originally posted with my article entitled, “Victorious So in the Battle of GM’s“:

Grandmaster Eugenio Torre

I wouldn’t have required compensation for the use of this photo, and any other photos I posted here at Deuts.NET or in flickr. A simple courtesy would have sufficed. These people, it seems, they don’t know how to show respect! They do deserve some whipping…BAD!


  1. pre, sikat na mga kuha mu.. tsk tsk sayang!

  2. kheith garingalao

    October 7, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    you should have made your watermark clearer and bigger. there are lots people who doesn’t know the meaning of courtesy or respect. lesson learned huh?

    • Yeah, maybe next time I’ll put a big watermark across the face of the subject, just like what they do in PEP magazine. LOL:

  3. bord, lawlaw ka b mu.. lapit lng to samon ang inquirer, batuhon ta?

  4. Based on google cache (on google search type cache:url)

    Your url
    crawled last 27 Aug 2009 05:57:54 GMT

    Inquirer url
    crawled last 7 Oct 2009 07:34:56 GMT

    Dapat teach them a lesson para mabalan nila nga wala sila bastos sila. Libre mo lang ako kung kung may makuha ka. Burger mcdo lng hehehe.

    – A. Bustamante

    • Agu,

      Daw mayu business ta haw? hehe

      Anyway, damu na actually ang naga gamit sang photo nga na sa mga blogs nila. As a matter of fact, isa ina sa mga highest traffic sa flickr photos ko. Pero mga small time bloggers and chess enthusiast man lng tulad ko. Pero sa Inquirer yah, they should have the resources to take photos like that. And they’re making tons of money from their webpages. Daw indi lng guid sakto ah. hehehe

  5. galing mo raw kasi kumuha picture kaysa kanila. pwede kang maging freelance ala PETER PARKER

  6. Kuha ka kasi Jo ng copyright ng mga pictures mo para pwede natin kasohan kung umulit hehe.. sobrang ganda kasi ng mga kuha mo kaya na pipirata..

    • Hey Mr. Wilson! Now you got a gravatar. How’s your blog doing? Kilala mo ba ung Alessandro Del Piero na nagcomment dun? bakit mo in-approve un?

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