Expanding WordPress Mu Functionality with Premium Plugins

For the longest time, I have been planning to build not just a website for my college organization but also a community where our fellow members can hangout and meet and greet each other while in the world wide web. I find WordPress Mu could most probably deliver at what our requirements for a functional social networking site, especially when coupled with cross login details functionality offered by BbPress and BuddyPress.

With WPMU Dev Premium account, I could possibly enhance further the functionality of the site. With 100 more plugins, themes, videos, etc. at my disposal, the possibilities are limitless. And they are constantly maintained, so you’ll be assured that they work with the latest versions of WordPress Mu, BbPress, and BuddyPress.

My expected members/audience aren’t really into techie stuffs like this. That’s why I expect from time to time questions about “how to do this” kind-a-stuff, that is if they manage to explore the system at all.

The Support System plugin from the WPMU Dev Premium would be helpful in this situation. Users won’t have to leave a support ticket and forget all about it. He/she will receive email notification once the admin/s respond to his/her query, to return to the ticket page and continue with the discussion.

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Nitrus July 21, 2010 Reply

It’s worth pointing out that their plugins are all still GPL (as are ALL WordPress themes); consequently, it is perfectly legal and acceptable to redistribute them for free. There are places where they can be obtained, though it’s usually hard to find the current versions without paying. I’ve come across some sites that offer the plugins for a smaller sum. Google is your friend: http://bit.ly/cqcC3Q!

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