The Curious Case of a Chess Enthusiast

Got a comment in my post, “Wesley So, the Gifted Child“. I prepared a long response that I decided to actually just post a new entry about it instead. And so here goes.

Here’s what my commentator has to say:

I don’t think that Wesley So is a gifted child. In today’s world where computer softwares are readily available to budding chessplayers earning a GM norm or title is not really that hard anymore. And to compare him to the great Bobby Fischer is indeed a blasphemy! Fischer was a true genius never before and shall never be seen again in chess. However, Wesley’s achievements should make the Filipinos proud. But as we all know India is million miles ahead of us in chess considering its long list of Super GMs.

To Mr. Panday, if you think Wesley So is not a gifted child, that’s your opinion. You’re definitely entitled to one. Any software is available to everyone to help him/her in analyzing a game, but it does not conclude anyone can also be a grandmaster. It takes patience and determination on top of the inherent skills in someone who is a grandmaster in order to master the craft of chess. Computer chess softwares are merely a tool in studying and preparing for a game or tournament. They are not there to think for you during the actual game.

I am a fan of both So and Fischer. Again you are entitled to you own opinion about this.

Now let’s try to look at the Top 100 in the recent (July 2009) FIDE list, there are three Indians compared to one from the Philippines. Million miles you say, hmmm thousand miles maybe!

India has a long list of Super GMs, you say? Hmmm, well let’s consult Wikipedia about what it means by Super GM.

In order to differentiate the best players from lesser grandmasters, a top-level grandmaster is sometimes informally called a “super-grandmaster”. The term is unofficial, and has no generally accepted definition. One possible definition of a “super-grandmaster” is one who is rated above 2700. Another would be a player who is a perennial threat to win the strongest yearly tournaments and who is a viable world championship contender.


If we base our analysis on the above criteria, looking back at the top 100 list, it appears only Viswanathan Anand qualifies for India. Now is that what you call a long list?

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marky August 15, 2009 Reply

taray mo tlga deuts..hahaha

deuts August 15, 2009 Reply

hindi naman, nagpapaliwanag lang. hehehe

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