Sherlock Holmes Turned into an Action Star

I used to love reading Sherlock Holmes stories. He was witty, smart, he introduced the science of deduction. But I never imagined him to be an action star.


Some of the comments found in the youtube page criticizing the trailer (thus, the movie), which I agree as well:

Why is Sherlock Holmes bare-knuckle boxing? This looks like a ludicrous, horrific murder of an english literary great.

I agree. They ruined a master-piece and turned it into a farce. They turned aristocratic, intelligent, and modest Holmes, into some Bourne, or James Bond figure. Can’t watch this.

Of course, in Chapter 2, “Mr. Sherlock Holmes”, of the first book, “A Study in Scarlet”, Dr. Watson described Sherlock Holmes as an “expert singlestick player, boxer, and swordsman”. But in the movie, I would least expect him to be an action super hero.

The film makers, I guess, have to do this to put more drama and excitement, to the extent of painting another image of the great legend, “Mr. Sherlock Holmes”.

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