Looking for Active NBA 2K9 (PS3) Online Players

Console: Playstation3
Game: NBA 2K9

I created an online league over at 2K Sports network for NBA 2K9. I’m currently looking for active NBA 2K9 players who are willing to religiously finish each game and finish the season (no matter what their win-loss standings are). Preferebly Filipinos who are located in the Philippines, or at least living in the same time zone (GMT+8) so we’ll find a common time for playing the games.

I joined several leagues in the past, and so far either they haven’t started at all or the players appear to be not interested to start a single game. In this view, I limited the number of players to 8, with 10 games maximum for each team.

Team rosters will be the default rosters (i.e., the current NBA lineups), and you choose your own team among the 30 teams.

Don’t worry about the other details. We can straighten things up and add more customizations in the future seasons. What’s most important is we can finish a single season.

The Rules

I’ve read in some leagues they have rules. Some state that no one individual player (e.g., Kobe Bryant or Lebron James) should score more than 35 points, or the team should not score more than 65% in the paint.

Scrap those rules. Here, there are no rules. Just don’t be a jerk, and respect your opponents.

Join My League Now

I’m sure you’re as well tired of leagues in the 2K Sports Network not finishing at all. We will try our best to at least come up with an exciting league here. If you want to join, just leave a comment/reply below with your PSN ID and your preferred team so I can invite you.

Note: I got the Detroit Pistons already.


  1. pinoygamebattles.com and yougotpinoyed.com

  2. busacay

    Invite mo lang ako…

  3. myfeetisbroke invite mo din ako

  4. dikit2x yan bro baka mag space ka

  5. I would like to join plz invite me asap my psn id is :lilkilla445 and my preferred team is the dallas mavericks

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