Browsing the Net Through Your Email Client

There are instances, in office settings, that employees are allowed to have email but not internet access. In this case, webinmail will be extremely useful to bypass this prohibition in accessing “public” websites. By public, it means web pages that are readily available without requiring an account and login just like friendster and facebook.

To request a web page by email, send an email message to and the url in the subject line. By sending a message to the same email address and leaving a word or phrase in the subject line (not the url), webinmail will return a rediff search result for such term/word/phrase. To use google, change the subject line to “google:query” replacing query with your query keyword.

One more good thing about this service is that the web page that’s sent to your inbox, the links in the page are already converted to “mailto:” to facilitate more convenience if you want follow up web page requests.

Click here to try it out.


  1. nice share..will try this out soon..daming blocked na website sa office…

  2. Hope this really helps. Feedback n lng kung effective sya.

  3. I tried it and the layout is messed up, some images are not displayed and the text all have the deleted marks. But then, this is still a valid option for those who can’t access webpages at’d do anything when you’re desperate. hehe 😀

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