Seen Only in Surigao

Or maybe, at least, so far, I only get to see this in Surigao.

Bike with Wings

Bike with Wings

It’s like a motorcycle with wings. Its wings from both sides are designed to hold passengers. In Surigao, these are usually employed in order to get to the mountains where no passenger jeepneys can go. Locals say it can hold up to 10 passengers in one trip, depending on the size/weight of each passenger.


  1. This is commonplace for all far flung areas in Philippine provinces so I’d say this will be onli in da pilipins. =)

  2. Hey Magsie-girl! kmusta na? kelan ang uwi mo ng pilipins??

    I’m not sure, but I’ve also gone to other parts of the Philippines, but it’s only there I saw this type of transport. hehe

    They actually have a name for it, but that I failed to take note.

  3. Pards, Is it “habal habal”? I will also be home soon. Balik ka na d2 pards sa Qatar

  4. Habal habal? Arabic ba yan? hehehe

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