Two Years Later

May 17, 2008 – Deuts.NET celebrates two years of online existence with a new look.

Two years, 396 posts, and 1,234 comments later, Deuts.NET has clearly reached a milestone. A time to reflect, a reason to celebrate, and a season to look forward to two more years and beyond.

Deuts.NET Through The Years

(Click on screenshot to view the larger image)

The Sky3c Theme:

The ShadedGrey Theme:

The Tech-o-crunch Theme:
Technocrunch small

The Depo Theme:
depo small

The Morning After Theme:

Blogtxt Theme:

And of course, the latest, the Codelog Theme:

It’s good to look at these screenshot while they last.

Happy anniversary to Deuts.NET! May we have more blogging years to come!


Jaypee May 19, 2008 Reply

Congratulations on your 2nd blog anniversary! I’m impressed that you have a screenshot of all the blog themes that you’ve used for your blog. I wish I could do that too but I’ve lost track and I wasn’t able to take screenshots of my old themes. Btw, among the themes you’ve had I like the Morning After theme the most. 😀

deuts May 19, 2008 Reply

Thanks Jaypee. In as much as I also liked The Morning After theme, I don’t want to bother anymore with the icons everytime I post a new entry. Also, I would like to have the asides to be more conspicuous in the homepage and in-between posts according to their date of posting. That’s why…:D

Wilson Justo May 20, 2008 Reply

Jo congratulations on 2nd year anniversary!! You’re my idol..

deuts May 20, 2008 Reply

Thank u son! I hope you enjoy blogging as well for years to come!

witsandnuts May 25, 2008 Reply

I was also saving screenshots of my homepage since my Multiply days. More wonderful years for! 🙂

deuts May 26, 2008 Reply

Thanks, and to witsandnuts too! 😀

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