A Picture Worth A Thousand Pictures

Western Digital

It’s a Western Digital My Book Premium Edition 500GB, that used to hold thousands of my pictures ever since I bought my Canon EOS 30D. Add to that the thousands as well of audio, video, programs, and data files. This is the picture that’s worth a thousand pictures.

Save for the images uploaded and saved in flickr, this is what remains of my photos… of Deuts.NET Photography.

Yeah, this thing just simply died on me the other week. You call it bad luck, I call it bad habit – while taking the risk of losing all the data as I was trying to partition the hard disk.

It left me empty handed…frustrated…desperate. But at the end of the day, life must go on. Life does not depend on electronic files. I needed to be back to the real world. A world that’s tangible. I need to move on, and maybe start building again my collection, my own repertoire.

I could have cried over that loss, but I guess I’d rather start shooting again.

PS. I hope I can have this fixed yet. if any of you knows where in the Philippines can I possibly bring this for repair, please do drop a line in the comments below.

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