Sporting a New Look

I just thought it’s about time to introduce a fresh look to our home. I was getting sick of the old look:

Previous Theme

The new look is derived the magazine-style wordpress theme from The Masterplan called The Morning After.

Current Theme

If I’m not mistaken, this is the 6th theme I employed within the around 18 months life of this website. And hopefully, I can stick to the current theme for quite sometime.

There are a few features that this new theme has to offer, especially in the homepage. So I suggest, you visit this blog regularly for some amazing features for your personal consumption. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sporting a New Look”

  1. Yeah, I think so.

    What actually happened was that I chmod the theme folder to 777 to accomodate Andrew‘s guestbook generator plugin. And then when I chmod back the folder, I think I put it at 744 which rendered it inaccessible by the system. It should have been 755, and now it’s back! 🙂

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