Just an Ordinary Dream

It was a late night in December 2002 when a very good friend, Wilson Justo, and I, while waiting for a bus ride home, made a resolution that five years from then, by December 1, 2007, we should be driving our own car.

Fast forward to the present, it seems like Wilson has fulfilled that dream way before that deadline:




For me, I didn’t really intend to break that dream. It just so happened that I needed to re-channel my priorities.

To Wilson, congratulations!

9 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Dream”

  1. Hi Duets! I think you’ll wonder why I made this comment but i just can’t help to tell you that Wilson is also my friend, he was a classmate during our peyups days.Congrats for his new car!!!

  2. Hi Dimpz! How’s Sandro? I actually called him last Saturday to consult regarding my friends’ Linksys wireless router. No one picked up the phone, but anyway, we had it working now.

    Really, you are a classmate of Wilson? What a surprise! Did you happen to stay in Sanlo also? What a coincidence it must have been you stumbled upon my site and saw Wilson’s picture..hehe

  3. Jo, i don’t know what to say but thanks for lending a space in your website and for spending time writing a blog about our dream way back then. I can remember we still saved it in our mobile phones the 1st day of December 2007. There’s still few months to go before the deadline. I know you can still make it but i support you whatever that sort of rechannelled priorities are that you’re saying.. I wish to see you soon.

    To Liezl, i mean dimple? I just can’t remember we call you dimple during college. I saw your profile in friendster that’s why I was able to match dimple and liezl! cool.. 🙂 well, hello my friend it seems that you’re enjoying your time there with your family. Congrats too. It’s good to see you again even just in the net, deuts.net.. God bless and all the best.

  4. Hi Deuts! Sandro is fine:) I guess nobody’s at home that time since we were in Hyatt Plaza last Sat. night.
    Small world huh! Wilson was a blockmate then I shifted to Mgt in my 3rd year so, I wasn’t at Sanlo. Yup! hehehe, I frequently browse your blog.
    Hey, would you mind if I’ll add you up in my blog roll?

  5. @ Dimpz, sure no problem. For me, I don’t have a blogroll yet, though I plan to create one as a page only.

    @ Wilson, yeah I forgot to mention that one. We had that date marked at our cellphone’s calendars. I used to have Nokia 3310 then, then I transferred the calendar note when I changed to Nokia 5210, and even now it’s in my Nokia 6230i. hehehe

  6. Hi Wilson/Jorelle -i still remember the “dream” you have made before… driving your own car on Dec 1, 2007…. Wilson, im happy for you, at last you have fulfilled one of your dreams!!! For jorelle- i believe in you bro…you have that strong determination… your dream will realize soon… Take care always brothers!!! Miss you both..

  7. Jorelle- I and Wilson knows your dream… dont tell me until now, you’re still dreaming of “” heheheheh.. A walk to forget???

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