Pinay Rape Victim in Qatar

This incident is quite new. I haven’t heard of it before until today, when I was given a copy of the affidavit supposedly filed by the complainant in the Philippines. Why the victim filed a complaint in Manila already and not in Qatar? Well, it appears that it’s because of negligence of duty in the offices of the Philippine Embassy here in Qatar and OWWA.

I wanted to verify the authenticity of this affidavit. If this case really happened, there should already have been discussions all over the net. So I tried googling for her name (the victim). And I found this one at the Pinoy Exchange. It’s going to be a long read, but please read the whole story.

I really can’t imagine we have such kind of Embassy and OWWA office here in Qatar. I would like to believe that it’s not true. Because if it is, WHAT IF? I can’t imagine!


edwin February 8, 2007 Reply

yet another case.. hindi na natuto ang gobyerno natin. sinabi ko na kasing itigil na ang deployment ng Filipina DH abroad e.. well sinabi ko sa blog ko nga lang.. If i have the power i will stop it immediately.. may point ba ako deuts?

deuts February 8, 2007 Reply

ewan ko lng hah. para kasing ang point dito is ung illegal recruiter eh.

Kung bakit kc matagal na issue na yang illegal recruiter maybe even since the 80’s, ba’t kc may mga tao pa tlgang tatanga tanga at pumapatol sa illegal recruiters!

edwin February 8, 2007 Reply

legal yata recruiter eh.. kahit mga licensed na recruiter madami ring kalokohan.. abused yung mga pinadala pero lagi silang may lusot, hindi sinusunod kontrata, delayed ang sweldo etc.. Domestic Helper deployment for me still brings more damage than benefit to our economy specially in the long run.. thats my thought =)..

deuts February 10, 2007 Reply

Paano naging legal un pare kung wala cla PDOS? and then nagbayad cla ng 1,500 ba un sa immigration na walang resibo?

Jeff May 23, 2007 Reply

Her story is also posted on

They document all the bad things happening to Filipinos and other nationalities in Qatar.

deuts May 23, 2007 Reply

Thanks Jeff for the link. I accessed the site and I read in the front page that the site is blocked in Qatar? I’m currently in Qatar, but I was reading that post. Anyway, I hope to browse the site more next time. Thanks for dropping by.

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