Forty Richest Pinoys

Forbes magazine, in its latest Asian edition, released a list of top 40 Richest Filipinos.

Of course, it’s not surprising at all to note that at the top of the list are the Filipino-Chinese businessmen. The richest Pinoys with the corresponding net worth are as follows:

1. Henry Sy – $4.0 billion
2. Lucio Tan – $2.3 billion
3. Jaime Zobel de Ayala – $2.0 billion
4. Eduardo Cojuangco – $840 million
5. George Ty – $830 million
6. John Gokongwei – $700 million
7. Tony Tan Caktiong – $575 million
8. Andrew Tan – $480 million
9. Emilio Yap – $350 million
10. Oscar Lopez – $315 million
11. Enrique Razon Jr. – $285 million
12. Andrew Gotianun – $280 million
13. Enrique Aboitiz – $275 million
14. Alfonso Yuchengco – $225 million
15. Menardo Jimenez – $210 million
15. Gilberto Duavit Jr. – $210 million
17. Ramon del Rosario – $205 million
18. Felipe Gozon – $180 million
19. Beatrice Campos – $160 million
20. Luis J. L. Virata – $150 million
21. David M. Consunji – $145 million
22. Bienvenido Tantoco Sr. $140 million
23. Betty Ang – $115 million
24. Manuel Villar – $110 million
25. Mariano Tan – $100 million
26. Rolando and Rosalinda Hortaleza – $90 million
27. Oscar Hilado – $85 million
28. Vivian Que Azcona – $80 million
29. Manuel Zamora – $75 million
30. Magdaleno Albarracin – $73 million
31. Jesus Tambunting – $70 million
32. Frederick Dy – $65 million
33. Tomas Alcantara – $60 million
34. Lourdes Montinola – $50 million
35. Salvador Zamorra – $45 million
36. Antonio Roxas – $40 million
37. Wilfred Steven Uytengsu Sr. – $38 million
38. Philip T. Ang – $35 million
39. Marixi Prieto – $30 million
40. Manuel Pangilinan – $25 million

See the report.

54 thoughts on “Forty Richest Pinoys”

  1. May mga listed companies ba na nakasama sa net worth nila? dapat wala, at tsaka bat wala yong ibang mayayaman, tulad ni Chavit Singson, Mark Jiminez, Brown& Ricky Sandoval, yong mga osmena sa cebu, at siempre si Manny Pacquiao.

  2. In the first place, I don’t know how Forbes magazine came up with their computation and thus the list.

    But, Forbes is a big and international magazine. I suppose they do their research very well before publishing anything. I suppose what they just did was compute for the number of shares held by these people multiplied by the market prices of those shares, etc. etc. I suppose, ignorance about this kind of things will never be an excuse for this kind of organization.

    As regards to the people that you mentioned, as I’ve said I don’t know how they computed it. Pacquiao is only earning how much, say he can earn US$5million in 1 bout, are you sure that he can maintain a net worth of at least $25million?

    I have nothing to do with the list, I only posted them since I found them interesting. If you have further questions about it, you may contact Forbes magazine directly. Maybe you can do your own google search to obtain their contact address.

    Peace! hehehehe

  3. I’m talking about short position and personal loans, not the liability of their respective companies.

    Ok, Let’s analyze Henry Sy’s net worth,

    $4 billion net worth is equivalent to P200 billion. Cost of sm mall of asia is only P6.5 billion, assuming all its 25 malls costing 6.5 billion, total cost of all malls is only 162.5 billin (25*6.5). Considering also that investment arm of SM malls is Investment Holding corp, which is a listed company, of course it generate funds from the investors and bank loans. Banco de oro is also a listed company, I don’t think henry sy owns more than 50 billions in BDO.

  4. That is rough calculation only. Search in google SM mall of asia cost, you’ll find the P6.5 billion. Anyway, historical or market value is already considered in my calculation since I used P6.5 cost in all malls, which is too high compared to other sm malls, I heard sm megamall costs only P2 billion.

  5. Ok this is my answer to your boat, he he , it really depends

    If land is used in business wherein the building for example SM mall is located, that land should be better valued at cost which is 300 thousand. Rational, what’s the use of revaluation increase if Henry Sy’s plan with his grand grand grand grand 100x son/daughter will inherit the land.

    However if land is used for appreciation with intention to sale it in future, the 1 million FV should be absorbed.

  6. I agree ignorance does not excuse, but number of shares at market price is not enough? to come up with the net worth you should consider their liabilities such as short position and loans.

    For manny pacquiao, his $5 million purse in boxing is just small percentage in all his endorsemens.

  7. For Manny Pacquiao, really? where did you get that data? and what about the shares of his managers, coach, etc. etc.? what about his donations to the people of general santos, etc.

    Are you talking about the liabilities of the companies they own? Do you think it’s the proper way of computing for the net worth of a person? In the first place he’s not personally liable to the liabilities of the company, right?

  8. First of all, I don’t know where you got those figures, so I can’t really argue about that. Second, as I’ve already told you, and I keep on repeating it, I’m not aware how did Forbes come up with their numbers.

    However, based on your discussion, you’re saying that net worth should be computed based on the historical cost of the assets (or the companies for that matter).

    Just try to think of it this way, if you own a land (for example) which you acquired 10 years ago, for say P300k, which is worth today (market value) P1million, what do you think is the better measure of your net worth as regards that specific piece of land? The 300k or the 1 million?

  9. Moreover, old sm malls such as sm city, centerpoint, cubao, carriedo, megamall, are more than 60% to depreciated.

    Perhaps Forbes margazine is referring to total asset instead.

  10. @ Jamal – Or perhaps Forbes computed net worth by referrence to the fair market value of the shares owned by the person (in your cited case, Henry Sy). Why, which do you think is a better measure of one’s net worth? The selling value of one’s ownership/property, or the book value per the historical financial statements of the company/ies the person owns?

    @ franz – next on the list? It’s Lou Franz Nonescan! bwahahahaha

    @ Jaypee – of course, as expected. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

  11. Jamal, you are the vaguest person I ever knew!

    As regards the question of franz, I think the number 1 would be Lou Franz R. Nonescan. Ung may-ari ng LOU FRANZ na Tigbauan na jeep nagbibyahe Tigbauan-Iloilo City, at nung LOU FRANZ Beach Resort, sa may Atabayan, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines.


  12. Totoo ba yang Lou Franz transport and resort na yan, tanong ko nga dito sa officemate ko from Tigbauan din, kilala ka nga deuts e, si Donnabelle Regencia, he he regards daw

  13. Confirmed ko na Franz, pogi ka daw, he he,
    yong school jeep pa daw na lou franz sumusundo sa kanya nong highschool sia

  14. hindi ko kilala si Katherine Vencer. Langya ka pano mo nmn nsabi na idol nila ako, baka c Franz idol nila! o di kaya ay ikaw, puge kc eh,,hehehe puge…

  15. Oo, pareho kami nyan sinasakyan na jeep, ung LOU FRANZ na itim sumusundo samin tuwing umaga. Pero hindi kami close, hindi nmn kami nag-uusap eh…

  16. Ayan na naman kayo eh… Itong c jamal ipasulod sa iyang bank account… Mali naman address mo pre eh, Brgy. Barroc, Tigbauan, Iloilo… Anu punta kayo dito inum naman tayo…

  17. gumagawa ka n nman jo ng kwento eh! pano ako maging inspiration e ako’y isang hamak na estudyante lng nung college, ne merong cuatro sa Comm I at Econ 101! bwehehe

  18. Huod eh Barroc pa yun… Yugs ka law law ah… Oo nga Jo inspiration nga dapat ng mga bagong accountants itong c Jorelle ang galing galing kasi… Ipasulod nga natin sa imong bank account…

  19. my concern is not the richest people in the philippines, my question is: who is the poorest person in the philippines? can you give me the top 40?please!

  20. That is the trickiest question I’ve ever heard. It’s just so easy to be poor, abandon your properties, give or donate them to other people, do yourself the most pitiful thing, and you can claim that you’re the poorest person (or Filipino if you’re a Filipino) in the whole world.

    But, as Mother Teresa said, the poorest person is not one who is poor at material things, but that of poor in love from other people…

  21. thanks deuts, that was a very clever and inspiring reply. i was’nt expecting that you will give a serious thought about my question. but it was precisely my point,no matter how rich one maybe, we are all the same, we are all wanting. rich people experience the same hurts, the same struggle, the same loneliness ( or even more), just like anybody else’s. being rich or being poor is a decision that we make in are rich or poor depending on how you look at yourself.i could claim that i am the richest person in the whole world, far richer than bill gates, because i am surrounded with love, from my family and friends.i hope everyone of us, no matter what our status in life is, would have an intrinsic happiness, contentment , peace and love in our hearts – that’s what separate the rich from the poor. lastly, let us reflect on what our Lord Jesus says- ” what does it profits a man if he gained the whole world” there’s no need for us to be envious of those richest people in the philippines or the world at large – in the eyes of God we are all poor – He alone is our true wealth. at the end of the day, we would not be asked how much wealth we have accumulated , but how much love we have in our hearts. – peace! your friend from canada

  22. Deuts is the richest guy in Tigbauan.

    deuts, la naman akong fans e. balita ko ikaw madami fans, alala mo ba pa si classmate? he he

  23. naniniwala akong magiging 1 of the richest guy in Iloilo or perhaps in the Visayas si Deuts dahil sa website na ‘to. Para sa tagumpay mo Deuts, isang toast.

    Tapos one of the richest man in the Carribean si Mr. Garcellano at mabibili nya na ang 1 isla dun.

    Si Lou Franz, ay naniniwala ako na 1 na sa mayaman sa Iloilo dahil sa Lou Franz express na yan at beach resort

    Saludo ko sa inyo mga pare ko!

  24. Tapos si Mike magiging pinakamayaman sa Chicago. Kasi sya na papalit kay Michael Jordan sa Chicago Bulls!

    Prrrrt! Substitution, Michael Jordan out! Michael Almaria in!

    That’s my Michael! hehehehe

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