Grand Master Chess Set

One of the items in my wishlist: price exclusive of shipping costs US$219.95

grand master chess set

Excalibur Electronics brings you an electronic chess masterpiece: the Grand Master! “Grand Master” is the highest title awarded to human players. Excalibur’s Grand Master earns its name by capturing the essence of top-level chess competition, not only in its powerful play, but in its look and feel. Its tournament-size vinyl playing surface shows off a meticulously crafted set of official pieces, weighted so they won’t tip over during a game. And Grand Master features some of the most technologically advanced chess features in the world. The result’s a highly sophisticated but easy-to-use competition chess computer that combines classic design with 21st century technology.

  • World’s first auto sensory board with actual vinyl surface used in tournament play.
  • Super strong chess program capable of beating over 99% of all chess players. Estimated rating of approximately 2100 master-strength.
  • 2 Large LCD Displays with Dual Chess Clocks and Countdown Timer shows your every move, hints, warnings, and scores 100 levels of play, plus 5 teach modes, 32 book opening trainers, and 32 great games.
  • 1 or 2-person mode with scoring, hints and analysis.
  • Saves game in memory for future use.
  • Powered by 4 “AA” batteries or optional A/C adapter.


Jaypee October 20, 2006 Reply

that’s a very beautiful chess set. quite expensive too. if you’ve been good this year, Santa might just drop it in your sock. hehe.

deuts October 20, 2006 Reply

hahaha! well, i doubt it if Santa could even make it here in Qatar by December. Never heard of Santa on his way through the desert…LOL

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