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Wishlist: DGT e-Board + Classic Chess Set + Digital Chess Clock


The plug & play DGT electronic chess board brings you the best of two worlds. The classical game of chess finaly merged with 21st century computer and internet technology.

The beautiful classic wooden DGT e-board easely connects to the USB port on your PC. With the DGT e-board you can play online at internet chess sites like PlayChess, Chess 21 and ICC. The ingenious e-board acts as input device for all major playing programs.

The DGT e-board is the ultimate chess-PC interface. It adds a new dimension to your chess fun. A typical DGT product. Innovative, designed for the real chess lover. High quality and value for money.

The giftbox comes with a special edition of the famous Fritz program and 100 days free access at playchess.com

Grand Master Chess Set

One of the items in my wishlist: price exclusive of shipping costs US$219.95

grand master chess set

Excalibur Electronics brings you an electronic chess masterpiece: the Grand Master! “Grand Master” is the highest title awarded to human players. Excalibur’s Grand Master earns its name by capturing the essence of top-level chess competition, not only in its powerful play, but in its look and feel. Its tournament-size vinyl playing surface shows off a meticulously crafted set of official pieces, weighted so they won’t tip over during a game. And Grand Master features some of the most technologically advanced chess features in the world. The result’s a highly sophisticated but easy-to-use competition chess computer that combines classic design with 21st century technology.

  • World’s first auto sensory board with actual vinyl surface used in tournament play.
  • Super strong chess program capable of beating over 99% of all chess players. Estimated rating of approximately 2100 master-strength.
  • 2 Large LCD Displays with Dual Chess Clocks and Countdown Timer shows your every move, hints, warnings, and scores 100 levels of play, plus 5 teach modes, 32 book opening trainers, and 32 great games.
  • 1 or 2-person mode with scoring, hints and analysis.
  • Saves game in memory for future use.
  • Powered by 4 “AA” batteries or optional A/C adapter.