No. 100

It must have been awhile, and now, I’m on my 100th entry on this site. It’s amazing looking at how this thing has even started.

The Start

It was around last year when I was looking for a way by which I can save my bookmarks (or favorites in internet explorer) so that I can access them in whichever machine I’m working on. I had my computer reformatted that time, and I had to add the websites that I frequented for quick access.

I was thinking if I could have a customized website where all my bookmarks, shortcuts to my favorite sites (e.g., email, personal internet banking,, etc.) are immediately available, it would definitely help speed up my online browsing. I googled “free website”, and it led me to the best user-friendly, free webhost so far then — Yahoo! Geocities. (Unfortunately, I didn’t happen to stumble upon the various bookmarking tools like Delicious, not even the much simpler ones like My Yahoo!, Personalized Google Homepage, etc.)

What made geocities most viable is the handiness of the site builder. At least, I didn’t need to have knowledge of html encoding (although eventually, I decided I needed at least the basic commands so I tried studying them, I even bought a book for html that I didn’t finish reading at all).

So what have I got back then? Presenting…. the J.O. TUVILLO & CO. website.



At J.O. Tuvillo & Co., we are committed to providing our clients with utmost sincerity and integrity. This commitment is measured by our dedication in carrying out every engagement. We are focused in a service that is geared towards total client satisfaction.

Our loyalty to our clients is founded in the principle that our clients are our valued resources. They are a treasure to our existence. We primarily believe that in servicing our clients there is always a two-way learning process. We share our expertise with them, as well as we learn from that sharing experience.

As professionals, we work with integrity to ensure that we add value to our service. We make it a point that we put a seal of reliability to the reports that we issue. We bring our expertise and integrity together to deliver a global service in the development of our clients, our community, and our country.

This page and other subpages are still up and running, though, I wasn’t able to finish it and place contents in all the planned pages.

Just a quick tour of the site, there are the literature pages, calendar, careers, company, etc.

Then, I discovered the bookmarking tools available on the internet, as well as the various feed aggregator services (e.g., netvibes, etc.), and thus with the blogosphere world. I created accounts in livejournal, multiply, blogger, typepad (Update: Deleted this blog and transferred the posts to,, (my blog deleted), and others. But then, all these services didn’t allow me to put my own advertisements, and earn some (minimal) money in the process. Furthermore, they offered me limited customizations on my page.

That’s why, I started scouting for cheap webhosts, which eventually led me to ploghost, where this site is currently hosted, and I’m satisfied with their service so far. (How I just wish they respond to my queries more speedily, though).


Out of the 100 posts so far (inclusive of this entry), 230 comments have been drawn (including my own comments, though), 364 spam comments caught, 52 different nicks were represented in the comments, 21 subscribers/readers via feedburner, 2 via feedblitz, Val De Guzman was my top commentator (maybe also my top critic, hehe), Inventories at Net Realizable Values was my most popular post (I think I should discuss more “accounting” issues to draw more comments, yeah?).

Looking Forward

As I’ve mentioned in my about page, this site was basically intended to make my presence/existence felt in the world wide web, and as a way of my contact to my long lost and far-away friends. I can even offer this as an online community for all my friends. I don’t have any intention of earning income from this work. It’s a hobby, I know, I’m reading your mind. Any earnings I might (if ever) receive from adsense, would just serve as a compliment and may yet go to the maintenance of the site.

So, therefore, I conclude that….well, happy bloghopping to all, happy browsing the internet, more blogs to come—from this site and to others, and enjoy the power to blog! More power to, and the people behind it – my subscribers, my commentators, my visitors, my friends!

Good luck to everyone!


  1. I like the excellent quote by Charles Kingsley that you used in your Geocities website. Keep posting so you can reach the 1,000 post plateau.

  2. Hey GMCManalo! Long time no hear ah! Anyway, welcome back! (whichever I’m referring to, hehe)

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