Total Damage

What more inflicting propaganda can someone (or maybe a group) do against one’s professional accountant’s career than this?

I only received this document by email. I have nothing to do with this, and I’m never the author of this. I just want to post this because I know this surely is already a general discussion among the professionals in the Philippine accounting world. I don’t claim that the information contained therein are true or are lies, and I’m never in the position to comment on the issue.



Rodney July 19, 2006 Reply

Since it came directly from you that this propaganda can be damaging, why post it when you even admit that you do not know if there is any truth at all in the contents of this? We Filipinos have the habbit of believing and passing stuff to other people without practicing empathy. What if this was done to you? Being crucified without due process? I see this as nothing different from reports in tabloids. Whatever sells, print it, as long as it increases the readership.

All of us need to practice empathy. It would be better if you take this down. That is what being human is all about. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

PS: I do not know the people involved here but there are a lot of shallow statements and inconsistencies in the accusations. Seems like its a clear demolition job to me.

deuts July 20, 2006 Reply

I appreciate your concern. Yet, I believe that CPA’s and accountants in the Philippines are open-minded people. They don’t just simply take everything they hear as true. CPA’s, auditors, and professional accountants share a common characteristic that is “Professional Skepticism” (i.e., having a questionable mind) and maintain such in dealing with their work, client, and the daily life in general. This is merely for the information of anybody who may not be aware yet of what’s happening in the Philippine acccounting world, especially for those friends of mine who are already working abroad.

Rodney July 20, 2006 Reply

Deuts, I appreciate your high regard towards Filipino CPA’s, and I agree that MOST of them are intelligent enough to distinguish an apparent poison letter versus a thesis (a factual paper). But we cannot assume that this trait applies to all CPA’s. Besides, ordinary laymen frequent your site too. We know that most Filipinos are impressionable, and worst, gullible for stuff like this.

You have stated that you consider this as “information”, I see it as baseless rumors and plain vendetta on the part of the perpetrators. Information is defined as knowledge based from investigation and study. Have you personally investigated the veracity of this? Information should be factual and absolute. Otherwise, it is just a rumor, a suspicion, an allegation. For instance, I have heard that Deuts was the one who created this poison letter and is the mastermind of this demolition job, should I consider that as truth and “information”, as you call it, or just a mere rumor? I rest my case.

Deuts, morally and legally, you are standing on dangerous grounds here. Morally, you can refer to my previous post. Legally, by the mere posting of this “article”, you can easily be sued for libel. It would be a shame if this site is pulled down just because of a momentary lapse in judgment on your part. My free legal advice to you is to take this article out of your site before a shrewd lawyer sees this.


deuts July 20, 2006 Reply

Rodney, thank you very much for your concern. As per your request, I removed the documents, for our mutual satisfaction. I hope there will be no more conflict between us, because basically, in setting up this website, I didn’t intend to engage in any dispute whatsoever.

A pleasant day to you.

Rodney July 20, 2006 Reply

Deuts, I do not know if you realized it, but I was actually on your side when I suggested that you remove the “article”. Like what I have said, it would be a shame if your site, that is regularly checked by a lot of people, be pulled down just because of a mere rumor. Also, I always take the side of the truth in any dispute/ issue and I do not want anybody to be prejudiced. I have read “Success With Soul” (its a good book, I would recommend it to your regular readers here), and it has helped me in settling dilemmas within, between the professional life and being human.

Thanks for considering my suggestion. More power to this site.

deuts July 20, 2006 Reply

I appreciate you concern very much. And thank you also for visiting my site. I wonder though how you happened to stumple upon my site…:grin:

Rodney July 20, 2006 Reply

I actually had this mentally bookmarked when I saw the Times article a couple of weeks ago. I would say it is good for passing the time away and also for intelligent content. Good combo!

deuts July 20, 2006 Reply

Times article? Which is it?

Rodney July 20, 2006 Reply

The one that says that you have revamped the look of this website. Catch you later, Deuts.

Jamal September 8, 2006 Reply

I haven’t read the whole post but having a glimpse on the comments, threats and insults to the writer is unacceptable. Waiver in the first paragraph is enough, truth or no truth is not a matter, it’s up to the reader to judge. Just bear in mind, writers are not forensic expert, they are just a teller of facts rather than substance.

mike October 10, 2006 Reply

pre, curious lang ako sa article pa send naman sa akin.

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