Auditor and Technology; Importance of Data Security

As auditors, we gather information from the client by conducting interviews, obtaining schedules and documents. Oftentimes, these information are sensitive in a manner by which it can prejudice the position of the client/company should these fall into the hands of the wrong parties. Auditors are expected to handle these information in a professional fashion.

Client information or data (other than those obtained through interviews) usually come in the form of physical documents or electronic files. Electronic files are normally transferred between terminals via electronic media like floppy disks, CD’s, and USB flash drives.

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Smart GPRS

About two weeks ago I received an SMS from Smart saying that I can now browse the internet through GPRS for only P10 in 30 minutes. It states further that my P10 does not expire automatically once I quit my connection. Instead, I’ll start from where I left once I resume browsing the net.

Using a USB data cable to connect my phone to my PC via Nokia PC Suite installed in my laptop, I tried opening “Connect to the Internet” (which by the way uses the phone as a modem). Guess what? It worked!

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Announcement: Sagada Pics

In order to save on my bandwidth and web storage space, I used the tools and services available at flickr and mykards. The Sagada Pics are now available here instead.

For those who have already used or saved the links: or

please make the proper correction for the new link now is:

Updates: all pictures are only available in my photo set in flickr. Please disregard the links above.