Improvements Made to

Some minor improvements have been made to this site. To list a few:

  • Inq7 news added to the sidebar – in order to facilitate a user/visitor-friendly site, a news section has been added. This section updates itself as soon as news are posted in does not only bring you information, it also brings Continue reading Improvements Made to

Pinoy Travel Blog Sagada Feature

An entry in Pinoy Travel Blog talks about their own Sagada experience. Pictures are available there as well.

On their way to the “Big Falls”, it appears that they took the same way we did. Though, do you think the experience was the same?

Well, why don’t we just let the pictures decide for themselves??…..:)LOL..

Click on the image to find out…..:)

Update: Please check my flickr photos for the pictures.

Financial Accounting I 2006 Edition

A new version of “Financial Accounting I” has already been released by Atty. Conrado T. Valix and Jose Peralta. It incorporates the new standards: Philippine Accounting Standards, Philippine Financial Reporting Standards, International Accounting Standards, and International Financial Reporting Standards.

The book has a whole new different look.

010 valix_book
Continue reading Financial Accounting I 2006 Edition Interface

I have received a comment lately from a friend (Wilson Justo) that he didn’t like the appearance of my website. He said that it is too simple. I told him that this site’s appearance was created after its theme of “simple but elegant”.

I’ve actually browsed through the net for other wordpress themes that might suit its “simple but elegant” theme. So far, I liked alexified (e.g., *Jozzua) and hemmed (e.g., The J Spot), but I’ve already done a lot of work with this theme and I’m not really that comfortable with duplicating the looks of the above sites, that’s why Continue reading Interface