About two weeks ago I received an SMS from Smart saying that I can now browse the internet through GPRS for only P10 in 30 minutes. It states further that my P10 does not expire automatically once I quit my connection. Instead, I’ll start from where I left once I resume browsing the net.

Using a USB data cable to connect my phone to my PC via Nokia PC Suite installed in my laptop, I tried opening “Connect to the Internet” (which by the way uses the phone as a modem). Guess what? It worked!

At 460.8 kbps, my connection appears to be faster than dial-up, but of course, slower than broadband.

This thing will surely work for me since I work out-of-town from time to time, and I usually need to check emails and stuffs. Sometimes, I need them desperately as they often come urgent. And at P10 in 30 minutes, it would be just like renting at computer shops, but with much more convenience and security.