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Continuing with the celebration of the University of the Philippines’ 100-year anniversary, an article about the UP System appeared in the Manila Bulletin (MB).

The article actually “used” to be available online, and I should have linked to that instead. But for some unknown reasons, MB doesn’t keep its articles online for quite a long period of time. I’m reposting the article here in its entirety. For any problem/issues with this act, please do leave a comment below and I’ll gladly drop this article. After all, I just deem it worth sharing:

100 Years of Academic Excellence

The University of the Philippines is celebrating its 100 years of academic excellence next year. That’s from 1908 to 2008.

Received the following through email, which by the way can also be found here.


UP Centennial LogoThe Oblation is a symbolic icon representing the UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES. It captures the UP spirit, which has endured for a century: the country’s youth sacrificing itself in the service of the country. This figure is in the foreground of the UP Centennial logo.

Behind it is the Sablay, the sash worn by UP students upon their graduation. It is distinctive, in that across it is inscribed the word “UP” in Alibata letters. This is symbolic of the University’s commitment to remaining the country’s premier institution of higher learning.

Behind the figure of the Oblation is a globe, with the map of the Philippines highlighted. This represents the University’s taking its rightful place in the world as the National University of the Philippines.

The University’s official colors – forest green and maroon
Alibata inscription on the Sablay – yellow

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