Are you a task freak? Well, I guess I’m becoming one.

With so many projects at hand, may it be personal or work, or anything else, I needed a way to organize my actions and plan my tasks. I have been in the lookout for a good tasks organizer, an organizer that I can access from home and office computers, and even through my cellphone. It has to be digital, as I seemed don’t like the idea of bringing around an organizer with me wherever I go.

The todo list in my home and office computers as well as my cellphone must be synchronized, so the organizer from Microsoft Outlook is not applicable. In as much as I would like to utilize the organizer from my phone (calendar and to-do lists), it may not be able to hold up to my requirements, for a way to separate personal and work related tasks. Also, I would not bother organizing my tasks through the phone’s keypads, it’s just so inconvenient.

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